Envisioning Ecodesign: Definitions, Case Studies and Best Practices

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 Auteur : ENEC
 Date de publication : 2014-03-21

Description complète

 To deliver on this mission, ENEC partners require a shared vision of ecodesign and this document describes that vision. This has been co-created by the partners, by sharing each partner’s unique understanding of ecodesign. This co-creation process is supported by existing academic literature and criteria indicative of best-practice case studies of ecodesign. To support this each ENEC partner presents a best-practice example of ecodesign from their respective region.
The document is structured into the following sections: Defining Ecodesign; Distinguishing between Life Cycle Thinking and Environmental Burden-Shifting; Distinguishing between Ecodesign, Green Design and Related Areas; Criteria for Best Practice; Best Practice Case-Studies.

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